Core Services to Protect Your Home from Water Damage [infographic]

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At Aaron’s Enterprises, we understand what your home means to you. Protecting it from water damage is essential if you want it to remain aesthetically appealing and structurally stable. We are the company you can trust to provide the protection your home needs. Our core services—roofing, gutters, and siding—will keep your home in top condition.

Core Services to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

  • Roofing- Before any rainwater reaches your gutters or siding, it glides down your roof. That makes your roof your home’s first line of defense against the elements. We can provide comprehensive roofing services, whether you need an inspection, installation, maintenance, repairs, or replacement. We also offer storm damage repair for roofs and assist with insurance claims. We have 21 years of experience and exceed roofing code requirements.
  • Gutters- When your roof sheds water, your gutters capture it, letting it flow through the channels and into the downspouts. Essentially, gutters that are clear of debris keep water from sliding down your home’s walls and pooling next to your foundation. They also prevent soil erosion and foundation damage. We offer a wide range of gutters, as well as the gutter guards you need to accompany them.
  • Siding- Siding is designed to shed water and prevent moisture intrusion. The boards are angled to direct water away from the structure, and they are installed with overlaps to keep water from penetrating. We can install vinyl, aluminum, wood, fiber cement, and Hardie Board siding to protect and enhance your home. Of course, we also offer siding inspections and repairs as needed.

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