Three Ways a Gutter Inspection Protects Your Home

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It’s easy to let gutters go neglected for too long. Homeowners usually have a long list of household maintenance projects, so they let their gutters fall to the bottom of the list again and again. However, gutters help protect your home through proper water channeling and are a crucial part of the home’s overall integrity.

Three Ways a Gutter Inspection Protects Your Home

Here are three ways a gutter inspection can protect your home.

  1. Ensure proper water drainage. Even a few inches of rainfall can result in hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water runoff. If the gutters aren’t properly diverting that water away from the home, rainwater can collect around the house, ultimately damaging the home’s foundation. A gutter inspection can make sure water is flowing away from the house effectively.
  2. Prevent internal flooding. If gutters are not diverting water properly, it can pool around the home, which can cause basement or ground-level flooding. A gutter inspection will look for any areas where water might seep in from malfunctioning gutters and prevent it from becoming a much bigger problem.
  3. Protect the property’s landscaping. Water runoff can affect the whole property if the home’s gutters are clogged, broken, or damaged. Accumulated water can flood flower beds and erode fertile soil. Pooled water can also lead to fertile ground for fungi or breeding grounds for mosquitos and other pests. A gutter inspection can determine if your landscaping is in danger from malfunctioning gutters.

Gutter inspections are an easy way to prevent costly water damage to your home. Ensuring this relatively small facet of your home is doing its job can make a big impact on your property’s care.